Friends of the Metro Parks
in Lorain County, Inc.

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Friends of Metro Parks in Lorain County, Inc. is the volunteer branch of the Lorain County Metro Parks and a separate organization.  Friends of Metro Parks works closely with the park staff to assist with programs, animal care, plant care, special events, gift shops and much more.  There are opportunities year round and at many of the parks.  The park staff is a hard working group of employees dedicated to giving the citizens of Lorain County the finest possible park system and Friends support them in their endeavors.


The Friends of Metro Parks in Lorain County, Inc. was formed in 1983 and is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees consisting of 11 members elected by the general membership.  Each member serves a three year term.  Officers are elected by the Board of Trustees following the annual meeting of the general membership which is held the end of June each year.  There are over 400 members who support the metro parks through volunteering or financial support.

Mission Statement

The Friends of Metro Parks in Lorain County, Inc. is an independent, non-profit organization that supports the Lorain County Metro Parks through volunteer staffing, materials, and financial assistance. Members are provided opportunities in volunteering, education and social activities.


Members of the Friends of Metro Parks in Lorain County, Inc. are people who show their support for the Lorain County Metro Parks through their membership in this organization.  Those members that choose to volunteer with the Lorain County Metro Parks have the opportunity to serve their fellow citizens.

Friends of Metro Parks - Lakeview ParkA Friends membership entitles you to the full participation in all education and social events sponsored by Friends of Metro Parks.  Members also receive the Friends Talk newsletter which is published every four months and is available either by mail or on the Lorain County Metro Parks website.    The newsletter gives you the opportunity to stay up to date on news and new volunteer opportunities.  You also receive 10% off on purchases at the Nature Nook gift shops.  

To become a member of Friends, you must attend a Volunteer Orientation and pay the appropriate membership fee.  Orientations for new volunteers are held every other month at the Carlisle Visitor Center (January, March May, July, September and November).  Call (440) 458-5121 to register for the next orientation or for more information about volunteering.

Individual (18 years of age and up) $10.00
Juniors (under 18 years of age) $1.00
Teen Corp (13-17 years of age) $30 (includes t-shirt and social events)
Seniors (65 years of age and older) $5.00
Organization $25.00
Business and Industry $50.00


Note: Juniors Membership- Member is only eligible to volunteer with a parent.
We hope you will start a rewarding adventure in Volunteering as a member of Friends working with the Lorain County Metro Parks.


Friends of Metro ParksAs a volunteer, how, when and where you serve is up to you.  The Metro Parks offers Friends countless opportunities.  Working with Park Staff and often representing the parks makes us proud of their trust in our abilities, and aware of the responsibilities that we are given. We know that you will enjoy exploring the many facets of volunteering that are available.  Below is a quick overview of the opportunities available for volunteers with Friends of Metro Parks in Lorain County, Inc. Click here for Friends of Metro Parks in Lorain County, Inc. Volunteer Information Sheet and inquire about volunteer opportunities.


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