General Outdoors


Swimming is only allowed in the following parks:


Pheasant & Rabbit hunting are only allowed at Charlemont Reservation in Huntington Township during State of Ohio designated "open season."
Click here for dates of open season and bag limits. You must follow hunting regulations. No other hunting is allowed in the metro parks.


Fishing is one of the more popular activities in the Lorain County Metro Parks.
There are several rivers and ponds to cast your rod. Anglers are reminded that
a fishing license is required on all Lorain County Metro Parks waters.

  • Vermilion River Reservation - Vermilion River winds through this park and is stocked each year with steelhead. You can also find small mouth bass and channel catfish in the river.
  • Indian Hollow Reservation - The Black River snakes it way through Indian Hollow Reservation and contains mostly largemouth and small mouth bass and channel catfish.
  • Carlisle Reservation – Anglers can try their hand on the west branch of the Black River or at the Duck Pond and fish for largemouth bass and various sunfish.
  • Black River Reservation - The Black River makes it way through this reservation and contains primarily largemouth bass, steelhead, and channel catfish.
  • French Creek Reservation – The French Creek empties into the Black River and contains smaller fish.
  • Columbia Reservation - Fishing is available in the Hitchcock Lake and the Rocky River.
  • Caley Reservation – Caley Reservation has two large ponds and Wellington Creek runs roughly through the middle of it. These waters contain primarily largemouth bass and various sunfish.
  • Wellington Reservation - Bring your own non-gas motorized fishing boat or drop a line or two from the shore of the southern Wellington Reservoir, which holds largemouth bass, channel catfish and a lot of bluegill.


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