North Coast
Inland Trail

Downtown Kipton to Downtown Elyria

Entrance to Caley Reservation


Welcome to the virtual home of the North Coast Inland Trail, also known as the skinniest park in the Lorain County Metro Parks system. The trail is open to non-motorized traffic of all kinds (except skateboards), including walkers, runners, bicyclers, in-line skaters and cross-country skiers. The trail’s long 13 miles straight-aways pass through a variety of countryside including farm, field and forest, and numerous intersections serve as convenient places to jump on or off the trail. So grab your bike, in-line skates or cross-country skis and check it out!

Update On The Trail

Lorain County Metro Parks is currently in the process of extending the North Coast Inland Trail. The trail will eventually connect to the Black River Reservation Bridgeway Trail and continue to the downtown Lorain. The trail will be built in several phases over the next few years. Phase 1 will be from Gateway Boulevard through downtown to the Elyria Police. The plans are under review by the Ohio Department of Transportation.
Click here to see the proposed plans.


Start of the North Coast Inland Trail Stretch of the North Coast Inland Trail

The Skinniest Park
in Lorain County

The North Coast Inland Trail (NCIT) is a 12 foot wide, asphalt paved trail, built over the abandoned Toledo, Norwalk and Cleveland Railroad and runs for 65 miles from Elyria to Toledo with some sections still being built.  In 1992, seven park districts agreed to develop a system connecting trails in northwest Ohio, each managed by local jurisdictions. The NCIT is the result. The Lorain County Metro Parks’ portion runs from Elyria to Kipton, passing through Oberlin along the way.

The NCIT is monitored by two full time staff with assistance from other staff; volunteer groups also contribute significantly to its maintenance. Park staff routinely mows trail edges and intersections along the route and keep the trail clear.  Visitors can expect not only a clean and safe trip but also some glimpses of wildlife along the way. 

The NCIT owes its existence to funding from both the federal government (80%) and Lorain County Metro Parks (20%.) The 148 acres of the trail managed by Lorain County Metro Parks was opened on August 15, 1998.


The Toledo, Norwalk and Cleveland Railroad




The Toledo, Norwalk and Cleveland Railroad was constructed in 1851 and served as a vital link to Cleveland on the Chicago to Cleveland route. This railroad served to support the founding of several small villages including Kipton. In 1866, the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern built a rail line from Elyria to Oberlin which then continued west using the Toledo, Norwalk and Cleveland Railway. These railways allowed for the expansion of businesses, agricultural interests and several cities along its route including Oberlin and Elyria. The railroad hauled freight, lumber, coal, produce and passengers to and from the rich farmlands of this region until its abandonment in 1975.


The Great Kipton Train Wreck

On April 23, 1891, two trains collided head-on only fifty feet east of the Kipton depot, killing eight people. The collision was so violent that a large piece of one of the steam engines struck the depot roof and rolled off, and the concussion alone broke most of the depot’s windows.

The collision was blamed on the station engineer’s watch being slow by four minutes, which caused him to miscalculate when to move one of the trains on to a side track. The accident resulted in new regulations for railroad time tracking and the creation of a quality timekeeper: the Ball Railroad Watch.


It is highly recommended that all bicycle riders and in-line skaters wear a helmet.

  1. No alcoholic beverages permitted.
  2. Please stay on the trail. Land adjacent to the trail is private property and is not available for public use.
  3. Non-motorized vehicles only. (Sorry, no skateboards, snowmobiles, or equestrian traffic .) Users may encounter Park District ranger and maintenance vehicles on the trail. If any other vehicles are encountered, please notify the park ranger immediately.
  4. Due to natural conditions the trail may be closed without notice.
  5. Dogs are permitted on hand-held leash no longer than 6 feet only. You are expected to clean up after your pets.
  6. Normal rules of the road apply. Pedestrians have the right-of-way. Users should keep to the right, riding no more than two abreast, and signal with an audible warning when passing, such as “passing to the left.” Users must be aware and obey all traffic and trail signs.
  7. Please place trash in appropriate containers.
  8. The Lorain County section of the North Coast Inland Trail is a multi-use facility. Users may expect to encounter bicyclists, in-line skaters, walkers, runners and wheelchairs. Use courtesy while sharing the trail.
  9. Parking is permitted in designated areas only. Roadside parking is strictly prohibited.

Thank you for your consideration



EAST (Elyria)    
Industrial Parkway   South Main Street
1.12   0.16
Murry Ridge Road   South Professor Street
0.15   1.07
Albrecht Road   Pyle-South Amherst Road
0.96   0.33
West Ridge Road   Hamilton Street
0.4   0.77
Russia Road   Quarry Road
2.26   0.79
Butternut Ridge Road   Baumhart Road
1.09   0.81
Oberlin Road   Gifford Road
0.35   0.72
East Lorain Street   State Route 511
0.22   0.23
East College Street   West Street
0.44   0.55
Spring Street   Baird Road
0.22   0.6
South Park Street   Gore-Orphanage Road
0.13   0.64
South Pleasant Street   Green Road
South Main Street   WEST (Kipton)


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