Halloween Fair

Carlisle Reservation
12882 Diagonal Road
LaGrange, Ohio 44050



Where do I park?

Most visitors will park at the Duck Pond Picnic Area with a free shuttle service to the main event location, the Halloween Fair main entrance at Carlisle Visitor Center. Shuttles will run continuously from the start of the event until the last visitors leave for the evening. This is the easiest way to get in and out of the event. There will be additional parking in the grassy field area at the Carlisle Visitor Center entrance of the Reservation, although we reserve the right to close some field areas due to rain and muddy conditions.

**PLEASE NOTE** Parking gates close at 9:30 pm and the admissions booth closes at 9:45 pm.

How spooky is the trail at 7pm?

While the trail does turn spooky at 7pm, we still maintain a family-oriented atmosphere. Our trail stays away from blood, guts, and gore, but we have plenty of spooks and startles to keep you on your toes! If a member of your group wishes to experience the trail in the evening but is apprehensive of the scare level, he or she can stay on the trail and not enter the multiple haunted walk-through attractions.

Will the building be open?

No. The Carlisle Visitor Center will be closed to the public, and is open only for the Friends of Metro Parks volunteers and Lorain County Metro Park staff who work the program.


Where are the restrooms?

There is a restroom trailer located in second parking lot, next to the Ghost Town Raceway attraction which is closest to the building. There will also be a handicap accessible portable restroom next to the restroom trailer and on the trail leading up to the Little Green Choo Train Station.

Please take a look at the map for reference.

Is there a cost?

To walk the Haunted Trail, admission is $3 per person. Children 3 and under are free! To walk the trail, everyone in the party must receive a hand stamp at the ticket booth.

How long does the event last?

Halloween Fair 2018 will be held on October 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, and 27 from 4:30-10 pm each night. The parking gates close at 9:30 pm every night.

Is there food available?

There will be a number of vendors selling fair-style food at Halloween Fair as well as a booth manned by Friends of Metro Parks selling hot chocolate, popcorn, donuts, etc. All food vendors are cash only.

What other activities are there to do at Halloween Fair other than walk the trail?

Aside from walking the trail, the most popular activity is riding the Little Green Choo or a tractor-drawn wagon along an additional decorated trail (Children’s Nature Discovery Trail). This ride is FREE. Nightly entertainment including the Saturday live performances at 7:30 pm and the Friday Spooky Movies are also FREE. Midway games, sponsored by Friends of Metro Parks, are a nominal fee.


How many times can I go down the trail?

After visitors receive their hand stamp, they can go down the trail as many times as they want until 10 pm (last trail group will leave for the trail no later than 10 pm). Visitors will have to wait in the cue line each time they wish to walk down the trail.

When should I be in line by to walk down the trail or ride the Little Green Choo?

For the haunted trail, the last group will depart from the top of the hill no later than 10 pm, if not beforehand. The Little Green Choo and tractor-drawn wagon ride lines typically close around 9:30 pm. For more accurate Choo and Wagon closing times, be sure to speak with the staff person stationed at the Train Station that evening.



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