Geochaching at Lorain County Metro ParksGeocaching is a treasure hunting sport where people use GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) units to find caches that have been hidden.

Geocachers use a handheld GPS unit and known coordinates to find the hidden caches. This cache hunt is an entertaining adventure game. Caches are set up all over the world and the locations are shared on the internet. A web site, exists for persons interested in the sport.

In simple terms the word geocaching breaks out into (geo) geography and (caching) for hiding. A cache is a computer term for storing memory to make it faster to retrieve. Hikers/campers use the phrase cache for concealing and preserving supplies. Please read further for more information and the application.

Geocaching will be allowed in designated Lorain County Metro Parks by permit only.

To register to place a geocache you must complete the permit application form. The application needs to be completed in full with an original signature. The permit application may be obtained on-line or by calling Lorain County Metro Parks at
(440) 458-5121.

Lorain County Metro Parks also has three orienteering maps you can take advantage of. Below is a list of them. Remember to plan your trip accordingly and to finished by sunset.


General Rules for Geocaching in
Lorain County Metro Park District

  • Anyone wanting to set up a cache site on park property needs to fill out a geocaching permit application first. Permits will not be issued before we receive a completed application with an original signature.
  • All application sites will be checked by staff and a Geocache Corps volunteer prior to issuing a permit.
  • It will be the responsibility of the cache owner to inspect and monitor the cache at least once a month to ensure appropriate content and maintain it as a family friendly cache. Caches should contain no food, alcohol, firearms, drugs, nor any dangerous or adult items. The area must be inspected to ensure impact is minimal if not non-existent. An initial contents list will be required before receiving a permit.
  • The permit is valid from the date of issue to May 1st of the same year. The cache or cache container must be labeled on the outside with the permit number easily visible.
  • All caches need to be within 50 feet of an already established Metro Park trail. Any off-trail hiking is discouraged as it negatively impacts the native plants and animals. Caches should not be placed by delicate vegetation and flowers. DO NOT LITTER.
  • Normally you may take something from the cache. If you do so, please leave an item. Do not take the log book or pencils. Sign the log book.
  • Not every park has suitable a site for a cache, such as the Golf Course or the Schoepfle Garden. Certain management activities and/or rare species may render an area unsuitable for a normal cache. The Metro Parks retains the right to determine which parks and areas are suitable for caches.
  • All caches must be located on or at ground level in safe, non-metal containers (No Ammo Boxes). Caches are placed so that no digging is required and caches are not to be nailed to trees.
  • Please participate in cache in/trash out.
  • Contact cache owner or the Park District if you find a cache has been defaced, vandalized or missing.
  • If a cache violates this agreement or is found without a permit, it will be removed and not returned. Please adhere to all park rules to avoid legal consequences.
  • Virtual Cache
    Although a virtual cache is an unobtrusive form of geocaching, the Metro Parks will reserve the right to review and issue permits for such caches. A virtual cache must be limited to an existing site or recognized and dedicated trail and not lead persons off-trail or into limited use areas.
  • Good luck, enjoy and respect this beautiful setting and plan your trip to conclude before sunset.
  • Geocachers assume all risks involved in seeking a cache.


If you are interested in participating in geocaching in the Metro Park please contact Jannah Wilson at (440) 967-7310.


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